ConfigureTek has implemented HP UCMDB, CMS and security-related solutions for hundreds of organizations across North America. We have broad experience in leveraging the UCMDB’s capabilities to provide automated reports that address high priority security concerns. Below is a list of 10 powerful and effective security reports identified by our team of industry-leading professionals:

Security Concern: Servers have different hardware specifications
UCMDB Solution: Configure a similarity policy to monitor for hardware specifications that deviate from approved standards

Security Concern: Software was installed in an incorrect directory
UCMDB Solution: Setup a report that will routinely scan for the incorrect install path

Security Concern: Business application requires at least an active PROD server and more than one failover servers.
UCMDB Solution: Create a topology policy that identifies failover relationships and notifies application owners of insufficient failover capacity

Security Concern: Failover infrastructure should not be located in the same data center.
UCMDB Solution: Create a geo-redundancy report that is applied to all critical applications

Security Concern: Servers are communicating to unauthorized IPs and ports
UCMDB Solution: Weekly report to identify these IPs and ports and automatically email security personnel

Security Concern: Server status is unknown
UCMDB Solution: Automated report to highlight servers not set to a recognized status such as Active/Dispose/Cool Down/etc.

Security Concern: Check if a specific process (e.g. Antivirus) is running, or when it was last run.
UCMDB Solution: Setup a baseline policy to report on the dates that critical processes were last run

Security Concern: Databases should not use default ports (SOX)
UCMDB Solution: Setup a baseline policy that highlights use of default ports and any deviation form approved database standards

Security Concern: Some WebSphere applications use more resources than what they should.
UCMDB Solution: Configure a baseline policy to monitor the JVMs of each WebSphere instance

Security Concern: Removing a software/hardware might impact other servers and applications might cause downtime or temporarily create security loopholes.
UCMDB Solution: Use the uCMDB’s Impact Analysis to trace the severity of the proposed removal, and to see which servers or other applications might be affected.

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