Through years of experience within the Business Technology Optimization (BTO) portfolios, we at ConfigureTek have helped many small and large organizations with their IT infrastructures.  One of the services we provide is help with on-boarding applications into Configuration Management (CM), Business Service Management (BSM), Automation Management(AM), and other related areas.

The application on-boarding process is extremely important for the BTO portfolio.  This process depicts the information that provides shared context across toolsets within the organization.  In other words, our on-boarding process determines which services and application will be integrated, updated, and optimized within the IT infrastructure.

Our Application On-boarding process is a tested and proven procedure which includes:

  • Acquiring credentials & Performing discoveries
  • Developing custom discovery scripts if needed
  • Preparing infrastructure maps, reports and views
  • Correlating Business Service and Application definitions to physical infrastructures
  • Work with the customer team to deliver a repeatable process that can be used to on-board additional applications

On-boarding new applications can be an ominous task to undertake without the proper tools and experience.  Without the proper procedures, on-boarding new applications could cause existing applications to not function properly or cease to function all together.  This could ultimately lead to a costly and time-consuming venture. Don’t take the risks.  Our experts are here to help with your on-boarding needs.