Managing data center environments has become one of the most costly functions of IT, with nearly 70% of the IT budget dedicated to managing existing systems. Virtualization and application growth are putting new strain on IT teams. Virtual servers can be created with the click of a button – but they still have to be patched and maintained just as physical servers do.

In 2013, ConfigureTek helped a mid-sized IT company automate their data center management process with HP Server Automation software.

With HP Server Automation software, ConfigureTek was able to automate the deployment of applications, provide a proven, scalable, and heterogeneous solution for establishing a baseline, provisioning, patching, configuration management, script execution, and compliance management across physical and virtual servers including VM templates.

Project Goals

  • Centralize the management of two data centers with heterogeneous environment comprising both physical and virtual servers
  • Make all the servers compliant with industry, government standard specifications and customer specific policies
  • Create a patching process to ensure all systems are updated with the latest patches to prevent security threats across multiple platforms like Windows, UNIX, AIX and UX
  • Complete server life cycle management
  • Centralize software management and application deployment

ConfigureTek’s Approach

  • Assess the environment; install two cores for the data centers
  • Discover all the servers in the data centers and install agents to manage the servers
  • Create customer specific policies and also make sure the systems are compliant with the industry/government policies like PCI, Sox, etc. Remediate systems not in compliance
  • Create patch policies and update according to the patch policies
  • Perform server lifecycle management tasks and deploy applications
  • Document and report all the compliance updates

Successful Delivery of Goals

  • Unified physical and virtual server management: single dashboard for both physical and virtual server management
  • Audit and compliance: up-to-date compliance with industry, government standards and customer specific policies
  • Maintenance: up-to-date patching and maintenance of OS and software updates, preventing security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Life cycle management: single dashboard to perform complete server life cycle management tasks

Value and ROI

  • Agility: 90% reduction in change execution times
  • Compliance: 80% reduction in time to audit to conform to regulatory (SOX, PCI, HIPAA) and corporate compliance
  • Reduced OPEX: increased servers/admin ratios in excess of 200:1
  • Reduced risk: risks reduced by at least 80% risks and outages caused by manual misconfigurations
  • Unified view: unified physical & virtual management