Today’s change management landscape is being driven by the considerable increase in volume and complexity of changes managed by IT organizations. Change managers are required to review, approve and offer guidance around IT initiatives across heterogenous, multi-vendor environments, adapting to virtualization and technology refresh trends.

ConfigureTek Inc. (CCI) is able to seamlessly integrate HP Software solutions with existing customer tools and vendors to provide Change Management an accurate picture of the IT Infrastructure which is a key for determining Impact Analysis and Risk Analysis related to change implementation.Using HP Software Solutions including HP Release Control and integrations to third-party solutions, we can help to reduce complexity of change and provide managers with a decision support tool to perform the following:

  •  Automate Impact and Risk Analysis of Change
  •  Consolidate Request for Change and Associated Tasks from multiple service desks
  •  Automate scheduling of Changes based on resource availability and business rules
  •  Reduce time in Change Advisory Board meetings by voting on the outcome of the change ahead of time

ConfigureTek helps customers to achieve immediate return on investment by increasing process efficiency, cost avoidance and also to  meet service level targets. All of this can be done through implementation of the Configuration, Change and Release Management (CCRM) solution.

Configuration, Change and Release Management

  • An integrated, end-to-end approach to IT service management that includes logging changes, planning, implementation and impact analysis is central to maximizing IT efficiency.
  • This packaged solution is geared towards improved stakeholder collaboration, risk mitigation and cost control.
  • Integration and synchronization between the above technologies reduces risks, optimizes services and enables key ITIL process.
  • Many organizations already have one or more of the CCRM solution components, but often lack the insight necessary to bring them together and enable optimal change visibility and impact analysis.