In early 2012 CCI began implementing several HP solutions for a large financial institution. ConfigureTek Inc. (CCI) was able to seamlessly integrate the HP Software solution with the client’s existing tools. The customer wanted to reduce MTTR and consolidate their array of tools. CCI met this need using Business Service Manager (BSM) and Operations Manager i (OMi) to aide with:

  • Event Correlation
  • Real-time Outage Tracking – using Real User Manager (RUM) as an add-on
  • View Business Services and underlying IT Infrastructure
  • Bring in events from diverse tool sets to create a ‘single pane of glass’ including products such as:
    • Microsoft SCOM
    • eView for Mainframes
    • Other sources
  • A Scripting engine that adds nearly endless possbilities for customization
  • Integration and Automation with different ticketing systems

These solutions quickly began proving the value they can provide so successfully that the customer chose to retire their BMC product based on the Citrix platform (Patrol Explorer) and move on to eliminate several other ‘dashboard’ tools with HP products using simple Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) components. Furthermore, the HP solutions allowed creating dashboards to fully utilize the data from numerous and diverse sources, track outtages as they occur, and see how their systems were responding at the time of the incident.

Other Impressive and Value Added Features

Business Process Manager (BPM) and Real User Manager (RUM)

The engine of BPM works in conjunction with RUM allowing managers to perform synthetic benchmarks on applications and it doesn’t rely on users being available. Thus, you can test availability at any time.

Operations Manager i (OMi)

OMi includes the ability to launch Operations Orchestration (OO) flows which can perform common tasks (possibly even fixing issues before they start) and the scripting engine makes the system very customizable to suit specific customer needs. Another feature customers really like is the ability to right-click-it-to-a-ticket whether it is HP Service Manager (SM) or other ticketing systems. Furthermore, you can automate this function which enables the ability to trigger any number of processes.

Business Service Manager (BSM)

The BSM system includes a powerful dashboarding engine with a vast collection of built-in components that utilize data from all the different feeders BSM can collect from. Another helpful feature allows applying “custom image” dashboards that enable showing anything, and then drag-n-drop Key Performance Indicators (KPI) status indicators or CI type indicators over the image.