CMDB Health Check

ConfigureTek’s CMDB Health Check provides an evaluation of your current ServiceNow CMDB implementation to ensure maximum value.  The assessment is based on industry recommended practices for implementation of your CMDB and overall Configuration Management System (CMS) to support the ServiceNow IT Operations Management modules, in particular event management.  The result of the assessment provides you with the next steps as well as an implementation plan to improve usage of the ServiceNow platform and enhance business support from the IT management organization.


  • One day workshop focused on the current ServiceNow CMDB platform
  • Led by an experienced ServiceNow Solutions Architect to review current state and future objectives to reach value based outcomes
  • Examines CMDB technologies, processes, and organizational support focused on CMS and Event Management
  • Incorporates pain points of current implementation and desired features and functionalities not currently in use
  • Evaluates current discovery and service mapping to ensure optimum support for CMDB modules, with a focus on event management and orchestration
  • Provides recommendations and an implementation timeline as next steps to improve CMDB support of the business.

Business value

  • Provides strategic vision to enhance use of the ServiceNow CMDB products
  • Enhance configuration management and operational support to:
    • Reduce costs by consolidating CMDB products in use
    • Avoid costs of bridge calls when outages occur by enhancing root cause analysis
    • Restore service for critical applications and business services in shorter timeframe
    • Minimize risk to compliance audits by enhancing visibility
    • Ensure customer and internal employee satisfaction in use of business and mission critical applications
  • Delivers a time-line and project plan to achieve desired outcomes with a focus on time to value
  • Presentation summarizing assessment, objectives, value based outcomes, and prioritized recommendations
  • Implementation plan including a time line to enhance CMDB capabilities for IT and the business
  • Sample deliverables below:

  • Workshop delivered in one day
  • Assessment of current CMDB and Event Management platform
  • Review of pain points and desired features & functionalities
  • Discussion with workshop sponsor as well as IT Operations, Configuration Management, Infrastructure Management (server, network), application support teams
  • Recommendations presentation


  • Workshop planning meeting – review of questionnaire, agenda, objectives, outcomes
  • Kickoff meeting with sponsor and attendees inclusive of:
    • IT Operations Center
    • Infrastructure (server, network, storage) monitoring and management
    • Configuration management
    • Application support
  • Sessions with teams above to understand current state and to-be state, and then develop implementation strategy
  • Presentation of prioritized recommendations and implementation plan

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