Companies, government agencies, and service providers all over the world use automation to keep network management costs contained while providing the quality and responsiveness that their businesses demand.

ConfigureTek has helped clients address numerous pain points using HP Network Automation software. Our packaged solutions deliver real-time visibility, automation and control of the ever-changing network, allowing companies to improve security, achieve network compliance and realize measurable cost savings.

Pain points our customers used to face:

  • Explosive growth and complexity of network
  • Failure to meet business demands
    – Always-on network services
    – Quality of service issues
  • Compliance and security burden
    – Both internal and governmental regulations
    – Fines for non-compliance
  •  Time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks

Working with different-sized companies, the ConfigureTek team equips their clients with HP Network Automation software based on efficient methodology to resolve the above pain points in a matter of weeks. The ConfigureTek approach is geared to optimize IT environment, guarantee reliability and reduce costs.

Key features:

  1. Efficient Network Configuration Management across all network environment: collectively manage multiple devices
  2. Snapshots: take the configuration from a device and store in the repository, store histories, compare past and current configurations, create templates
  3. Policy based engine with filters: configure properly, understanding policy compliance and optimizing infrastructure, to ensure if it meets internal and industry standards
  4. Task Scheduling: manage hundred devices with the same updates automatically with device groups
  5. Integrations with any current and prospective solutions: manage holistic network infrastructure and implement changes documentary approved through the different systems
  • Combined with HP Network Node Manager i (NNMi) software – an integrated solution that unifies network fault, availability, and performance with change, configuration, compliance, and automated diagnostics.
  • Combined with HP Operations Orchestration software – HP Network Automation takes workflow automation to a new level, letting you automate IT workflows beyond traditional network change and configuration management.
  • Server Automation integration – developed dependency between both systems, letting you capture issues as soon as possible.
  •  Business Service Manager – Results Management, leveraging ticketing system.

Results: a resilient, maintainable, and cost-effective network that is compliant with both company standards and industry regulations.