September 26, 2013 – ConfigureTek discussed how existing investments in configuration management can support business critical functions for financial institution as part of the “Policy, Audit and Compliance for financial institutions using HP UCMDB” webinar and live demonstration. The discussion included business continuity planning, SOX and PCI breach detection as well as management of the customer-facing online platforms.

The event was attended by many IT professionals across North America including IT directors, business continuity quality managers, configuration managers, development and database managers, senior system analysts and network engineers. While this event was focused on the financial sector, it attracted specialists not only from financial institutions, but from other fields also.

The presentation and live demonstration started off with ConfigureTek’s experts, Anu Rao and Brian Wong reviewing the existing capabilities of the HP UCMDB – a configuration management database that is currently in use by many of the attendees. The audience was able to see how existing investments in the UCMDB and configuration management generally can be used to support the Policy, Audit and Compliance requirements of financial institutions. The presentation and live demo included the depiction of actionable use cases around business continuity planning, online banking and SOX and PCI breach detection.

Practice Lead – Enterprise Security, Brian Wong delivered a “day in the life of demo” where the HP Configuration Manager tool was used to walk through a number of highly actionable examples and use cases that span across multiple technology platform, applications and categories of Policy, Audit and Compliance breaches.

Following that demonstration, the speakers presented ConfigureTek’s quick-start approach around PAC for Financial Institutions. It was focused on leveraging existing investments and the Configuration Manager software that UCMDB users are readily entitled to.

The ConfigureTek team would like to thank all participants of the webinar for your attention and positive feedback.

For those who were not able to attend the event, please watch the recorded webinar session via the link below:

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