July 23, 2013 – ConfigureTek reviewed the specific challenges that companies are faced with in procurement and asset management, and shared best practice examples with the audience about how to streamline and promote efficiency in the procurement lifecycle during the “Streamlining the procurement process with IT Asset Management” webinar and demonstration.

The event was attended by IT professionals across North America such as CIOs, contract and asset supervisors, senior business analysts, senior project managers and IT system engineers from banking, healthcare, technology, media, public sector and other industries.

Having strong experience in successful implementations of Asset Management solutions in various industries, La Ron K. Jenkins and Anu Rao presented an integrated framework and single pane of glass interface for the procurement process that allows users to bring several types of data sources together to make smarter buying decisions, prevent duplication of purchases and wasting of resources that may already be in stock, ensure that vendor discounts and price comparisons are applied at the most opportune time, and provide end users and managers with the functional access they need to make purchase requests, validate and approve those requests, and finally receive the procured assets into inventory.

Senior Consultant–IT Asset Management, La Ron K. Jenkins demonstrated efficient procurement management process using HP Asset Manager Procurement module. The audience was able to see all major steps, such as request creation, estimate and purchase order, receiving and invoicing, as well as flexibility of many out-of-the-box wizards and main features that support the procurement process.

At the end of the webinar, the speakers presented ConfigureTek’s quick-start solution which equips any company with an enterprise grade initial deployment of IT Asset Manager ranging from inventory management to software license compliance and more in a very short term, so that your business can see the value and return on investment potential of a mature IT management system as soon as possible.

The ConfigureTek team would like to thank all participants of the webinar for your attention.

For those who were not able to attend the webinar, please watch the recording at your earliest opportunity via the link below and contact our professional team of experts with any questions you may have. We look forward to speaking with you!