The healthcare industry is one of the most demanding fields within the IT world. With the advent of electronic healthcare records, new technologies and greater enforcement of compliance rules, the pressure on healthcare IT department is going to rise annually. Canadian Healthcare providers’ business process is regulated by PIPEDA standards and rules. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is a Canadian law relating to data privacy. It is a federal legislation that protects personal information, including health information. PIPEDA Principles: accountability, identifying purposes, consent, limiting collection, limiting use, disclosure, and retention, accuracy, safeguards, openness, individual access and challenging compliance (resource).

With years of successful experience in this industry, the ConfigureTek team understands the main principles of PIPEDA and has supported healthcare providers in meeting compliance requirements by implementing a single pane of glass for system policies. This approach brings together operational or configuration guidelines from security, compliance and infrastructure management groups. The CCI PIPEDA Compliance Solution supports IT infrastructure by proactively detecting relevant system changes and informing key personnel. The overall result brings a drastic  compliance and policy management improvement.
PIPEDA Compliance Solution Principles:

1. 100% Policies Compliance

  •  Managed baseline and topological policies
  •  Automated updates from the National Vulnerability Database

2. Risk Management

  •  Automated policy breach notification
  • Generated service desk incidents based on breaches

3. Security

  • Automated workflow for incident resolution
  • Validating configurations per security standards

4. Audit

  • Centralized log retention and correlation across heterogeneous platforms for dashboard and reporting on audit requirements

5. Flexibility

  • Successful integration with existing IT systems including EHR and EMR applications
  • Scalability to meet operational demands

6. Quick-start technology

  • Smooth process of the implementation based on approved efficient methodology

Healthcare providers leveraging the CCI PIPEDA Compliance Solution have benefitted from clear visibility into ePHI systems (electronic Protected Health Information). In this way, the solution becomes essential for the vital healthcare industry.


  • PIPEDA compliance and change management
  • Greater efficiency and accuracy in audits
  • Proactive compliance risk management
  • Proactive configuration management

With Compliance Solutions, ConfigureTek has already brought value and efficiency for the large healthcare organizations.