Today the usage of virtualization technology is growing fast. According to forecasts, 38% of servers will be virtualized by 2013. The widespread adoption of virtualization has happened due to its agility, automation and management capabilities. IT organizations are able to meet increasing business demands using virtualized infrastructure that allows for elastic resource pools, ability to deploy new servers faster, improved utilization, tighter security and control.


  • Difficulty with tracking the software that is being used on virtual machines, and that raises the risk that your organization will fall out of compliance with the terms of software licences, triggering legal issues and financial consequences
  • Miss the fact that multiplying the number of platforms implies multiplication of licences, some of which may have complex licensing rules that are different for physical and virtual systems
  • End up paying for costly software licences that no one is using because of lost track of virtual environments and the software on them

ConfigureTek Approach

Working effectively with cloud and asset management technologies, the ConfigureTek team understands all the notable benefits that virtualization brings and the team has optimized solutions for managing the usage of this technology. ConfigureTek has leading expertise with an advanced approach to Virtual Asset Management (VAM). This VAM solution allows IT organizations to optimize virtualized resources, reduce ownership costs for IT assets and mitigate the legal risk associated with software license compliance in a virtualized environment.

ConfigureTek Asset Management Solution features for virtualized environment:

  • Effective asset tracking: conveniently tracks cloud assets as well as the physical by leveraging the power of automatic discovery
  • Lifecycle Management of the virtualized assets: proactively identifies inefficiencies, redundancies and wasted resources across the asset lifecycle to support optimization and budget targets
  • Financial Management: notifies and reports on actuals vs. budgeted expenditure, total cost of ownership across IT assets, and chargebacks for business services
  • Compliance reporting across the physical and virtual environments
  • Automated management of workflows to expedite the approval process for users’ requests for IT services supported by virtual platforms
  • Discovery across IT assets with HP DDMI Software

Results: optimized management of your virtualized environment, complete visibility of the virtual resources and topology, and continuous software compliance on both physical and virtualized platforms.