Data Center Transformations can be classified in many ways. Organizations may need to migrate applications to new hardware, move to a virtualized environment or consolidate and physically relocate your data center. With all these scenarios it is critical to create a plan that minimizes the disruption of services.

We specialize in data center transformation which include areas such as:

  • Data Center Consolidation/Merge
  • Data Center Relocations/Migration/Move
  • Footprint Collapse/Virtualization Projects
  • Planning or Creating a DR Site
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, & other Assimilations
  • Server Decommissioning / Modernization
  • Readiness/Compliance/Remediation sub-projects for any of the above

Physical to Virtual Machine Transformations
By utilizing auto discovery tools and applying best practices around discovery and mapping of virtualized environments, we can help you identify the infrastructure and relations across your hyper visors and virtualized solutions from vendors such as VMWare, Citrix, Oracle and more.

Through our services partnership with HP, we provide the power to assess what you have in your data center and their dependencies and relationships. With this information you can use DCT to assess and plan your transformation in waves or groups.

After the assessment and planning is complete, the dependencies and relationships discovered and detailed can then be used by DCT to execute, monitor, and audit your transformation. Within DCT there is a host of Presentations, a project profile questionnaire, scoping calculator and setup (to set timeline and resource expectations), deployment, operations, best practices, and analytics guides.

Auto Data Gathering

  • Utilize auto discovery to gather data
  • Agent-less discovery: DDM-A
  • Agent-based discovery: DDM-I
  • Other vendor products
  • Custom data sets

Dependency Analysis

  • Understand server to server dependencies
  • Application dependencies
  • Environmental dependencies such as flagging of PROD to DEV or vice-versa communications

Move group analysis

  • Analysis of move groups using auto discovered and manually entered data
  • Work with customer to identify ideal scenarios for moving small groups of systems
  • Think from a perspective of moving an application rather than physical servers

Application Mapping

  • Creation of application maps to be re-used across the BTO portfolio
  • Permit sharing of CMS related information to other tools within the organization
  • Operations Manager (Event Monitoring)
  • Business Services Management (BSM)