Emergency Impact with ConfigureTek

ConfigureTek along with ServiceNow believe in making an impact during this time of emergency. 

ServiceNow® Emergency Response Management applications help your organization mobilize its business continuity efforts during natural disasters and pandemics like COVID-19. Streamline and automate activities on multiple fronts to keep everyone informed and connected as you anticipate or experience emergencies.

Emergency Response Management applications include:

Emergency Outreach
Stay connected with employees via email or mobile push notifications. Share important information regarding emergency and safety measures, and ask employees to report their status and location.
Emergency Self Report
Enable your employees to report their health status. If employees report they are going into quarantine, a workflow helps them safely return to work when ready. Functions such as HR can also be alerted.
Emergency Exposure Management
Identify employees who may have been exposed to an infectious disease by analyzing an impacted employee’s meetings and travels.
Emergency Response Operations
Initially created by the Washington State Department of Health, the Emergency Response Operations application was enhanced by ServiceNow engineering. The application helps organizations plan and coordinate emergency responses. It supports the operational processes of emergency response and preparedness at the state and local government level. Government agencies can use this application to optimize resources and staffing in critical locations.
Use the Emergency Response Management applications together to automate workflows for sharing information with employees, assessing the impact on your team, and responding to the emergency event.

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