Enable and Communicate Business Context with ServiceNow:
Enterprise Operating System™, CMDB, and Service Mapping Workshop


Due to recent events. This event is being pushed out to a later date. 

Time: 10:00AM to 4:00PM CST

Address: Legacy Tower, 7250 Dallas Pkwy, Plano, TX 75024

Hosted by:


Please join us for this limited availability Dallas-Area ServiceNow Discovery, CMDB, and Service Mapping event.  We will focus on business, technical, and skills enablement by covering how CMDB and Service Mapping are leveraged throughout the ServiceNow platform to include Application Portfolio Management, Event Management, and SecOps.  We will then delve into the Common Service Data Model (CSDM) and the top challenges that organizations face when implementing their CMDB.  We will wrap up the session with an overview of Service Mapping, what is coming in Orlando, and a hands-on lab to get you mapping out your first Application Service.


10:00 AM – Introduction/Icebreaker

10:10 AMServiceNow as the Enterprise Operating System – Why Service Mapping and CMDB play a critical role in Digital Transformation

10:40 AMCommon Services Data Model Fundamentals and Practical Application

11:00 PM – How to enable a CMDB to be successful in an organization

11:30 PM – Lunch (Menu will be emailed out before event.)

12:15 PM – The 3 Technical Mistakes that companies typically make when setting up a CMDB

12:45 PM – Service Mapping Basics

1:00 PM –  Service Mapping Pre-Flight Checklist

1:15 PM –  The Service Mapping Lifecycle/ Service Mapping Factory

1:30 PM – Walking through the basics of Service Mapping

1:50 PM – Afternoon Break

2:10 PM – New features in Orlando/Mapping the cloud

Option 1 – Technical Track

12:15 PM – The 3 Technical Mistakes that companies typically make when setting up a CMDB 

12:45 PM – Service Mapping Basics 

1:00 PM - Service Mapping Pre-Flight Checklist 

1 :15 PM - The Service Mapping Lifecycle/ Service Mapping Factory 

1:30 PM – Walking through the basics of Service Mapping 

1:50 PM – Afternoon Break 

2:10 PM – New features in Orlando/Mapping the cloud 

 2:50 PM – Lab Exercise – Introductory Lab, basic map   

 (3 Tier – LB, Web, App, DB)  

3:45 PM – Demo the final outcome/maps 

4:00 PM – Conclusion 

Option 2 – Executive Roundtable

12:15 – Facilitated discussion of how peers have built the business case for organization transformation 

12:45 – Executive presentation on business case for building a platform with evergreen information to make business critical decisions in near-real time 

1:00 – Facilitated discussion and using business metadata to break down organizational silos; successes and failures 

1:20 – Conclusion