ConfigureTek, Inc. (an HP authorized Business Partner) offers a best in the industry solution that seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure and application architecture and requires no changes to your existing systems. By implementing Configuration Manager (CM) an organization can drastically reduce administrative efforts while gaining a better understanding of their environment without increasing the load on existing PCs, Servers, or the network itself.

Configuration Manager (CM) provides a tool that enables the user to define one (or more) devices/configuration-items as the baseline from which all other systems will be compared against. As an example, a web hosting company that has dozens or hundreds of web servers which host thousands of customer’s websites, and the servers must use the same configuration.

By utilizing CM, the organization can identify a system that is compliant with their standard configuration and define a view within UCMDB (Universal Configuration Management Database) to use within CM. Once they open the view in CM a comprehensive analysis can be performed in seconds without degrading the performance of the web server hosts. If a system is non-compliant CM flags every aspect (property) and attribute that is causing a policy breach.

Using the policy analysis the company can quickly determine if the change is or should be authorized, and if not, the system administrators can address the issue and resolve the problem.

In an similar scenario, the web hosting company may be initiating an upgrade of their servers to a newer OS version, Service Pack, or even applying Hot Fixes. Using the CM analysis tool they can easily identify when all systems have successfully been upgraded. Then the configuration management team can update the authorized state to reflect the new software thereby ensuring any new systems comply with the newly defined baseline.