Customer: Large North American Municipality
Industry: Government
Size: 25,000 – 50,000
Task: Application Consolidation, Enterprise Infrastructure Monitoring.
Project Duration: 7 Months
Project overview

ConfigureTek architected and implemented a highly visible enterprise infrastructure consolidation in a large Municipal enterprise environment. The approach is to allow operators quickly identify key infrastructure components in an application in the context of an event; this information can be used to quickly identify the root cause and resolve the event.

By utilizing HP Universal Configuration Management Database (HP UCMDB),HP Business Service Management with Operation Managers and, HP Sitescope,  the corporation was able to gain high visibility for Incident Management in critical events by identifying all the key relationships for critical applications from application to infrastructure and vice versa. Proactive monitoring from HP Sitescope enables close to real time updates and can generate alerts when monitors breach the defined thresholds, these alerts and events are then sent to HP Business Service Management (HP BSM). HP BSM enables operators to view a customized dashboard that suits their needs; these dashboards can be created to contain several different modules such as monitoring details, application & infrastructure details and an event console.

Operations Manager I (OMi) provides a single pane of glass for all events in the enterprise. OMi allows for automatic event handling such as Stream and Topology Based Event Correlation, event automation, automatic event assignment, forwarding rules and time based event automation. In order to leverage all of these functions OMi leverages the data that is being discovered and modeled within the HP UCMDB


Having worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies across various verticals, ConfigureTek has developed an efficient approach towards implementing event management. Upon completion of the engagement, mean time to repair for an event has been significantly reduced inside the enterprise environment and improved communication across different stakeholders to identify the root cause for an event.