Many companies are looking to populate their ServiceNow Service Desk using the powerful HP CMS solutions, especially when those enterprises grow. ConfigureTek Inc. (CCI) is one of the few companies with successful experience of existing ServiceNow Service Desk platform integration with UCMDB.

ConfigureTek’s Expertise:

  • Integrate UCMDB with existing ServiceNow Service Desk in a short period
  • Optimize costs while demonstrating and delivering higher value to the business
  • Continually mitigate risk in the midst of constant change

With flexibility and scalability of HP products, CCI has established the unique proven method to provide the ability to push CIs and relationships from UCMDB to ServiceNow Service Desk.

Technical Approach:

ConfigureTek has developed a custom adaptor and integration methodology that efficiently populates ServiceNow with the UCMDB data. Avoiding code changes, the team equips customers with dynamically mapped CI types between UCMDB and ServiceNow that enable a smoother implementation.


  • The ability to use the superior discovery of HP UCMDB and consume the data within the ServiceNow service desk.
  • A single source of truth to improve collaboration among IT and business teams.
  • Reduced business risk with proactive change analysis and service impact to reduce business risk.
  • Improvement of business continuity: gain insight into the resiliency of clusters and enforce of the similarity of groups of CIs.
  • Greater value from the configuration management system by improving data quality, controlling changes, and ensuring architecture reducibility.

So, through UCMDB discovery capabilities and relationship mapping change management is possible with the integration with ServiceNow.