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ConfigureTek Inc. presents the “Migration from DDMI to Universal Discovery” on-demand webinar.

Current DDMI customers need to be informed what migrating from DDMI to Universal Discovery will involve, how it will impact their licensing, and what their options are for migrating from one to the other without interruption their normal inventory operations or continued support of internal service and asset management activities.

ConfigureTek offers a unique migration approach with a comprehensive, targeted effort to evaluate and recommend the best migration options for your organization—eliminating the use of DDMI’s old proprietary database platform, getting you on track with a UCMDB-ready database platform, maximizing the use of your existing DDMI licenses, upgrading existing integrations with asset and/or service management systems, as well as providing professional support and training throughout the implementation of Universal Discovery.

20-minute session includes:

  1. Reasons to consider why you should migrate
  2. ConfigureTek’s Migration Approach
  3. Architectural Differences between DDMI and UD architecture and user interface
  4. Explanation of the different options for migration
  5. Explanation of the phases involved in ConfigureTek’s solution offering for migration
  6. Questions & Answers with IT professionals and administrators in the auto-discovery consulting and management space


La Ron K. Jenkins – Senior IT Asset Management Consultant for ConfigureTek. A certified HP professional with 15 years’ experience in IT Asset Management consulting, 12 of those years successfully implementing HP Asset Manager and Automated Discovery solutions in various industry sectors including banking, government and commercial manufacturing. La Ron has developed a deep understanding of matching and mapping customer requirements to HP software product(s) functionality and features.

The webinar will be interesting for:

  • Inventory Managers
  • Asset Managers
  • Service Managers
  • ITAM/ITSM Project Managers

For any questions, please contact Anu Rao at 312-792-0085 or anu@configuretek.com.

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