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ConfigureTek Inc. presents the “Policy, Audit and Compliance for Financial Institutions using HP UCMDB” on-demand webinar and demonstration.

 The financial services industry is heavily regulated around IT policy, audit and compliance. Mistakes, oversights and downtime present significant cost implications for all stakeholders. Increasingly, IT operations teams are under pressure to adhere to compliance requirements – like SOX, PCI and internal risk management policies.

View the recorded webinar session to learn more about how to promote efficiency and quick results around policy, audit and compliance requirements for financial services industries. ConfigureTek’s Policy, Audit & Compliance (PAC) solution leverages existing investments in configuration management, automation and incident detection to deliver highly actionable analytics and powerful results.

40-minute recording of the event includes:

  • Discussion around policy-level requirements specific to the financial services industry
  • Policy, Audit and Compliance management leveraging UCMDB and existing investments
  • Demonstration of ConfigureTek’s Policy, Audit & Compliance solution
  • Breach detection, actionable metrics and resolution tracking
  • Questions and answers
Brian Wong – Practices Lead-Enterprise Security, ConfigureTek Inc., HP ExpertOne Certified, developed security solutions for different industries including airline, financial services, industrial automation and has deep knowledge and understanding of HP’s Configuration Manager.
The on-demand webinar will be interesting for:
  • Compliance Managers
  • Configuration Managers
  • UCMDB Users
  • Universal Discovery Users
  • Systems Administrators and Analysts
  • All members of IT Services who are interested in efficient configuration and compliance management
For any questions, please contact Anu Rao at 312-792-0085 or anu@configuretek.com.


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