Change Calendar+

2-3 weeks

  • Drag and drop upcoming changes in a calendar view
  • Request and approve changes in a fraction of the time
  • Visualize blackout and maintenance windows
  • Add and remove change windows
  • Color-coded changes

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Our Recent Event Management Work


Title: Event Management Integration with Solar Winds Customer: Medium Sized Communications Company Industry: Insurance Size: 1,000+ Task: Implement ServiceNow's Event Management and integrate with Solar Winds Project: 4 Months ConfigureTek performed an implementation of ServiceNow's event management module which integrated with Solar Winds and other sources such as email based integration. What we did Setup event management solution including alert, event and incident routing Integrated monitoring data from SolarWinds into ServiceNow's event [...]


ServiceNow Event Management Implementation Customer: Large Insurance Provider Industry: Insurance Size: 15,000 - 20,000 Employees Task: Migration from CA SOI to ServiceNow Project Duration: 4 Months ConfigureTek was responsible for implementation of ServiceNow's event management module at a large US based insurance provider which included a migration of events and integration sources from CA's SOI tool into ServiceNow's event management solution. What we did:  Transition from CA SOI to ServiceNow Event Management [...]

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