Migrations Planner

ConfigureTek's Datacenter Migrations Planner is an add-on for ServiceNow that allows you to easily create and manage move groups for your upcoming datacenter migrations or transformations. It also comes with pre-built dashboards, lifecycle tracking, and service mapping.
  • Create move groups
  • Track datacenter changes
  • Thoroughly understand your data center environment
  • Determine critical dependencies
  • Dramatically reduce time and resources needed for datacenter migrations and transformations
Q: What does it take to set this up?
A: A few days. We provide an update set, configure it, and perform a knowledge transfer.

Q: Which ServiceNow applications does this require?
A: Only Service Mapping.

Q: Who benefits from this solution?
The entire IT department will benefit from this ServiceNow-based solution.

Q: Who performs the work?
One of our certified ServiceNow experts.

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