Working with large government and finance companies, ConfigureTek understands the operational challenges that companies go through in validating FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) compliance requirements. Below are the top ten operational challenges our team has helped clients resolve:

  1. Continuous inventory of all information systems (IS)
  2. Collection and mapping of the devices to services/application
  3. Layer 2 Network Discovery
  4. Tracking of the interfaces which are located between systems
  5. Classification of the devices based on risk, data confidentiality, and integrity, as well as availability of the system
  6. Proper security controls
  7. Maintenance of inventories
  8. Identification through discovery potentials risks (user accounts, installed software etc.)
  9. Tracking change history through discovery
  10. Efficient reporting based on changes

Contact us if you wish to see an on-demand webinar detailing ConfigureTek’s FISMA Compliance Management solution. During this demonstration we highlight our approach to reach FISMA compliance via automated discovery and policy-based reporting. You will see how the HP Configuration Management System and ArcSight can be leveraged for quick-start results:

  • Proactive identification and alerts on security and compliance violations so you can mitigate risks before they significantly impact your organization
  • Trend reporting and baseline functionality to help your organization establish a baseline of compliance activity
  • Capability to measure and report on the effectiveness of controls through both business process activity review and technical security control checks against specific FISMA requirements with vast out-of-the-box functionality including over 62 correlation rules and more than 84 customizable dashboards, reports and data monitors
  • Identity and role correlation, allowing your organization to tie an individual’s actions to all of his or her logical and physical identities, as well as compare the action of any identity to a specific business role and function