December 10th, 2015 – ConfigureTek successfully delivered the webinar “Managing mobile devices in HP Asset Manager”. The event was attended by asset, contracts and procurement management personnel across North America.

Organizations around the world are increasingly adopting mobile devices to support employees in fulfilling critical business functions. This includes the rollout of a wide array of enterprise applications across mobile platforms, BYOD policies and providing mobile devices for regular use. These trends have significant implications for asset managers, who are tasked with ensuring the efficient utilization and management of mobile assets across the organization.

Unlike other assets that are traditionally in one place, mobile devices are easier to lose either by their users in day to day operations or lose with employee turnover. Also, they tend to have a shorter lifespan, both due to how quickly they can become outdated and also how easy they are to break. Additionally, with mobile inventory it is important to track both the physical device cost as well as the service costs.

ConfigureTek has helped clients to address these requirements using HP Asset Manager, a highly effective platform for streamlining the management of mobile devices.

During the webinar the ConfigureTek experts showcased a variety of reports, integrated process workflows and dashboards to enable operators to track mobile assets, SIM cards, manage phone numbers and wireless contracts. Capabilities within this solution were used to automate alerting and notifications based on critical utilization metrics, key renewal dates, terms of service and costs.

The audience was especially interested in the ease of implementation of the mobile inventory strategy presented, which utilized primarily out of the box features. Questions were asked around the ability to tailor the data model to organization-specific requirements, including mapping contracts to either SIM cards or phone number based on specific scenarios. The audience was also very interested in the role-based dashboards that were presented, representing mobile inventory costs, contracts, breakdown and status.

The ConfigureTek team would like to thank all attendees for your attention and positive feedback. For those who were not able to attend, you can watch the recorded webinar session below.

managing-mobile-devices-in-hp-asset manager-webinar-recording