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Large Insurance Org ServiceNow Enterprise APM, CSDM & SAM Pro

Project Description

Industry: American Insurance Sector Enterprise Customer
Size: Large
Task: ServiceNow Foundation + CMDB, CSDM, APM and Sam Pro
Duration of the project: 4 months

Project Overview

  • A major insurance company needed to migrate data and reports from Orbus iServer to ServiceNow’s Application Portfolio Management (APM) application. Common Service Data Model (CSDM) compliance was critical for the success of the project. A unique customer requirement was to report on resulting APM data leveraging the Technical Reference Model (TRM) Levels 1 through 3 as well as on their internal organizational model.  
  • The client had yet to implement Software Asset Management (SAM) Professional (Pro) edition in ServiceNow, but the data from iServer included software models. Creation of software models and relating them to the corresponding application services helped with leveraging the Technology Portfolio Management (TPM) components of APM and prepared for future APM maturation as well as a SAM Pro implementation. 

ConfigureTek’s Approach

ConfigureTek created import sets that included scripts to convert iServer data into the ServiceNow data model ensuring that the resulting conversions were CSDM and CMDB compliant. The conversion processes included creating CSDM compliant configuration items as well as their corresponding relationships. Business Capabilities, Business Applications, Application Services and Software Models, along with the appropriate relationships between the configuration items were created via the import processes. 

Service catalog items were created to aid in post conversion relationship building between data model components within the CMDB.  

Dashboards were created for the Enterprise Architect (EA) group and for the IT Operations group. The EA group dashboard broke down Business Applications by the desired TRM Levels as well as the client’s organization levels to aid in their application evaluation processes. The IT Operations group dashboard broke down Application Services by TRM Levels to aid in decision making and operational planning.  

The customer was very pleased with the resulting conversions, configuration item relationship management catalog items and group specific dashboards. Business Capabilities, Business Applications, Application Services, and Software Models were all created accurately and are CSDM compliant. The relationships created between the CSDM entities enabled the EA team and the IT Operations team to work together to better support the business and to make more effective decisions regarding application usage and effectiveness. 

Foundations were laid for maturing APM processes around application rationalization as well as implementing and gaining value from a future SAM Pro implementation.