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Rapid Application Mapping at a large bank

Project Description

Industry: Financial, Banking
Size: Large
Task: ServiceNow CMDB, CSDM, ITOM, SAM, HAM, SecOps

Project Overview

ConfigureTek was brough in by ServiceNow and the customer jointly to help with quickly meeting a compliance need within the financial sector. ConfigureTek working with ServiceNow immediately mobilized a team to perform automated discovery and mapping in a rapid format. Our approach helps companies quickly understand not only infrastructure but also applications and configurations across their enterprise. The use cases of this initial foundational project are plenty. The company was using ITSM and the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), but needed consultation on how to fully utilize the applications. The company also desired to utilize Discovery as part of the effort to shore up the CMDB and gain insight into their network configurations.

ConfigureTek’s Approach

ConfigureTek conducted workshops to understand existing issues and formulate a strategy and roadmap for accomplishing the company’s goals. The company adopted a crawl, walk, run, fly approach with Phase I focusing on Discovery. As part of this phase, ConfigureTek conducted rapid automated discovery and service mapping using its factory approach. Additionally, ConfigureTek carried out a Service Graph Preflight assessment, resulting in a list of prioritized actions to realize the goal of enterprise-wide discovery. To ensure compliance with the Common Services Data Model (CSDM), ConfigureTek implemented its proprietary product CLUE (CSDM Labeling and Usage Engine), aiding in determining the suitable entity types for integration into the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).


The implementation was accomplished within the allocated time frame and budgetary confines. ConfigureTek achieved a successful implementation of Discovery for the U.S. data centers as planned in Phase 1. Consequently, the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) has been populated, granting the company extensive visibility into configuration items (CIs) and a comprehensive understanding of its current assets. Additionally, ConfigureTek completed Software Asset Management and Service Mapping, further enhancing the organization’s capabilities. The customer expressed satisfaction with the successful implementation and has extended their engagement with ConfigureTek to encompass additional phases, including global discovery, integrations, and the implementation of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Security Operations (SecOps) solutions.

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