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Major US Media Org risk & impact with ServiceNow cmdb

Project Description

Industry: Major Media Org
Size: Large
Task: Media Org merger with another large media org; mitigation and consolidation efforts

Project Overview
For a major media company, ConfigureTek was asked to provide consultation for various tasks. Primarily, the company had two ServiceNow production instances that had been consolidated to one instance. ConfigureTek was asked to provide expertise in maintaining the instance, along with the associated roadmap to realizing successful architecture, daily maintenance, and operationalization of the consolidated instance. 

ConfigureTek’s Approach
ConfigureTek assessed the instance configuration and remediated duplicate configuration items (CIs) and corrected existing integrations. ConfigureTek moved users and applications from one instance to the other, rediscovered thousands of CIs, implemented discovery schedules, and performed the day-to-day operations.

The customer retained ConfigureTek for 18 months in the staff augmentation and consultancy role.  The consolidated instance was rolled out into production and is being used successfully. It is operational and purged of defects, duplicates, and technical debt. Based on ConfigureTek’s prescriptive guidance and knowledge transfer, the customer identified internal resources to carry on operations.