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Event Management Integration with Solar Winds

Project Description

Title: Event Management Integration with Solar Winds

Customer: Medium Sized Communications Company

Industry: Insurance

Size: 1,000+

Task: Implement ServiceNow’s Event Management and integrate with Solar Winds

Project: 4 Months

ConfigureTek performed an implementation of ServiceNow’s event management module which integrated with Solar Winds and other sources such as email based integration.

What we did

  • Setup event management solution including alert, event and incident routing
  • Integrated monitoring data from SolarWinds into ServiceNow’s event management solution
  • Setup and configuration of timer based alert population based on best practices
  • Setup and configuration of stream based alert population based on specific customer criteria
  • Tailored dashboards and reports based on client request and project needs
  • Provided best practices guidance and mentorship


  • Ability to quickly resolve events while utilizing existing ServiceNow platform data
  • Reduced MTTR by leveraging the capabilities of ServiceNow event management
  • Utilization of service hierarchy to determine true impact and resolution of events
  • Increased agility by leveraging incident and alerting data along with event management
  • Prevented down time by utilizing email based events data which were previously ignored