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ServiceNow roll-out at large logistics & transportation company

Project Description

Industry: Logistics & Transport
Size: Large
Task: ServiceNow ITSM, ITOM, CMDB, Pre-Flight

Project Overview

For a major transportation and logistics company, ConfigureTek was asked to provide consultation for maturing ITSM, the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), and Discovery services. The company desired to migrate from their existing service management platform to ServiceNow and needed to understand the process and implications of doing so.  ITSM was implemented by another vendor, and a strategic plan and roadmap for the application was also a requirement.

ConfigureTek’s Approach

ConfigureTek reconfigured and enhanced the ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM applications.  ConfigureTek conducted a CMDB Pre-Flight assessment to determine the existing configuration and if modifications are required.  ConfigureTek implemented proprietary products Stakeholder Engagement Engine (SEE – allows each CI user group to have their own entry point and accessibility to other CIs that they manage and own) and CSDM Labeling and Usage Engine (CLUE – drives CSDM compliance by helping to determine the appropriate entity type to onboard to the CMDB). ConfigureTek conducted CSDM alignment by reviewing the company’s 600+ applications and advising the locations of their platform applications, business applications, and application services.  ConfigureTek led knowledge transfer sessions to help the customer understand the implemented solutions and best practices. 


The implementation and configuration was achieved on time and on budget. The initial MVP has been rolled out into production and is being used successfully. The customer was happy with the successful implementation and has engaged ConfigureTek to work on Phase II.