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ServiceNow SCCM Integration Case Study

Project Description

Industry: Insurance
Size: Small
Task: Improve insurance company’s CMDB data quality and usability leveraging existing and new discovery tools
Duration of the project: 2 weeks


ConfigureTek conducted the implementation and configuration of ServiceNow discovery and a custom SCCM integration for a company in the insurance sector in 2 weeks.

The project resulted in improved CMDB usability and data quality for incident management and established a foundation to implement IT asset life cycle management and service mapping for critical business applications.


The customer had several years’ experience using ServiceNow Express for creating incidents for servers and workstations. However, they had no computer CIs to link to incidents except for those they manually created for select cases or situations which made investigating the bulk incidents related to computers time-consuming and tedious. To address this challenge, the following tasks were outlined:

• Implement ServiceNow discovery of servers and network devices
• Implement SCCM integration into ServiceNow for workstations

ConfigureTek’s Approach

• Evaluated the current environment for ServiceNow discovery
• Evaluated SCCM discovery data source quality and usability
• Customized the SCCM to ServiceNow integration to include Asset Tag data attribute
• Provided extensive knowledge transfer and documentation for the discovery and integration process with ServiceNow

Business Outcomes

• Building a consistent, reliable CMDB that customer can use to open change tickets, incidents, etc.
• Capability to run reports on accurate up-to-date data
• Clear visibility to manage related CIs.
• Better positioned to implement a more fully integrated CMDB – for example, starting service mapping initiative
• Better positioned to initiate and manage asset lifecycle process
• Increased confidence in the validity of their CMDB data, using it as a Single Source of Truth (SSoT)

Why ConfigureTek

ConfigureTek is focused on helping customers achieve full benefit from the proper implementation of their Discovery, CMDB, Business Service Mapping, Asset and Service Management solutions. Our methodologies/best practices are developed so that our customers achieve maximum business value in the shortest time frames across these critical IT functions. We have worked with hundreds of companies over the past 10 years and our abilities to work with solutions from multiple software vendors (ServiceNow, HPE, VMware, etc.) makes us unique in our ability to deliver on customer expectations. Contact us to leverage our experience now!