Change Management



Most failures within an organization are a result of not executing change process effectively. By gaining a better understanding of inter dependencies and unauthorized changes within your organization, you will be able to significantly improve your change execution process. ConfigureTek can help establish a strong foundation to drive amazing outcomes across Dev, Ops and Service. With Service Graph and CMDB, we will help you drive value across the entire digital product and services lifecycle. Our highly experienced team focuses on quick results of data remediation, and sustainable value from process automation and best practices to protect long-term CMDB integrity.


• Establish an improved change process that takes into account objective risk and impact
• Clearly understand the risks and implications of a change prior to rolling out 
• Provide better insights to your change advisory board across application inter dependencies
• Improved and actionable outcomes across Dev, Ops and Services
Leverage existing investments in ServiceNow to quickly resolve security and compliance matters