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Auto Discovery project for streamlining the company’s merger & acquisition

Project Description

Mitigating Risk and Optimizing IT Operations

Customer: One of the largest airline  companies in the United States
Industry: Airlines/ Aviation
Size: 10,001+ employees
Task: aligning systems across two initially disparate environments during a game-changing merger

Following a game-changing merger in the aviation industry, one of the world’s largest airlines faced the challenge of aligning systems across two initially disparate environments. Maintaining high availability and performance was critical while bringing together many moving parts in a business where technical glitches have the potential to impact millions of customers.

The airline turned to ConfigureTek, a leading solutions provider, to develop a solution for managing this change and providing clear visualization of applications across the IT environment. Working closely together, the customer’s IT Operations team and ConfigureTek delivered an authoritative and automated framework for visualizing technology components, their changes and interrelationships.

As a result of these efforts, the large airline today has a unified view of the dependencies across IT infrastructure, applications and business services. IT Service, Operations and Asset Management teams are leveraging synergies across this framework to streamline operations, manage risks and reduce redundancies.


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