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Process and Runbook automation within the Healthcare industry

Project Description

Intuitive automation of IT tasks and processes

Customer: One of the FORTUNE 500 companies that specializes in healthcare services and information technology, the oldest and largest health care services company in the United States.
Industry: Hospital & Healthcare
Size: 10,001 + employees
Task: Simplify and automate complex manual processes as well as auto remediation of monitoring alerts and incidents.
Duration of the project: 15 weeks

Why HP Operations Orchestration & HP Server Automation?

By combining the power and capabilities of process automation and server automation, HP Operations Orchestration and HP Server Automationtogether provided the ideal solution for the customer. In addition to the technical capabilities of the products, the organization was able to start leveraging pre-packaged compliance features towards enforcing HIPAA, SOX and other internal and regulatory standards.

Project overview

ConfigureTek was invited to review and attempt to improve the current manual and time intensive procedures at a large healthcare organization. The project involved review of not only the manual procedures in place but also the large volume of events and incidents that over time became overwhelming for a relatively small team of operators. In working with the ConfigureTek team, the organization agreed to implement a process automation and auto remediation solution by utilizing ConfigureTek’s expertise and HP Software’s Business Service Automation products such as HP Operations Orchestration and HP Server Automation.

The company turned to ConfigureTek, due to its tremendous experience in working with HP’s customers and industry recognition dealing with enterprise-class businesses in diverse markets. Working closely with the company’s Data Center Automation & Windows System Administration department, the ConfigureTek team was able to elicit requirements and develop workflows using an approach that allowed the customer to review, assess, and adjust the design to provide very quick ROI.

Within a few weeks of implementation, the customer began reaping the benefits of automation as a result of increased accuracy and scalability. The automation workflows implemented not only performed technical tasks automatically, but also factored in the enterprise process flows such as keeping an audit trail, opening and closing service management tickets during and after successful completion of the automation flows.

ConfigureTek’s Approach

With strong experience and expertise across the HP Automation toolsets and HP IT Operations toolsets, ConfigureTek was able to provide value right from the requirements gathering and validation stages up to the documentation and mentoring stage. The methodology around incident and event remediation utilized a three part process which included the Pre-remediation, Remediation and Post-remediation processes.


By working closely with the customer and combining process automation along with auto incident and event remediation techniques, the company was able to increase the volume of incidents that a small team of operators were able to process while maintaining high levels of accuracy and efficiency. The implementation also resulted in reduction of operational costs with automation of common tasks and processes.

Based on the clients’ needs, the ConfigureTek team is always ready to apply its unique approach and provide any size company with a reasonable, and efficient, quick-start solution to organize an intuitive automation of IT tasks and processes.


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