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Service Mapping Factory for a Diversified Banking Company

Infrastructure Discovery and Service Mapping for a Diversified Banking Company

Customer: A diversified banking company
Industry: Banking/Finance
Size: 10,001+ employees
Task: Implementation and configuration of infrastructure discovery and service mapping across multiple disparate environments
Duration of the project: 12 weeks

Why choose ConfigureTek?
ConfigureTek is focused on helping customers achieve full benefit from the proper implementation of their CMDB, Discovery, Mapping, Service Management and Asset Management solutions. Our methodologies/ best practices are developed so that our customers achieve maximum business value in the shortest time frames across these critical IT functions. We have worked with hundreds of companies over the past 5 years and our abilities to work with solutions from multiple software vendors (ServiceNow, HPE, VMware, etc.) makes us unique in our ability to deliver on customer expectations.

Project Overview

Service mapping within ServiceNow has helped the configuration management team of a large banking company bring audit visibility into what infrastructure is supporting which critical business services across multiple data centers and environments. The customer had a lack of visibility into what infrastructure was PCI/SOX viable due to the business services that they were supporting. The customer struggled to be able to provide a list to audit clearly showing which infrastructure was supporting which business services and whether those business services contained PCI or SOX data. The project tasks included:

  • Installation and configuration of MID servers in development and production environments
  • Configured appropriate IP ranges and credentials needed to discover the customer’s environments
  • Populated business services and assigned appropriate entry points to each business service
  • Requested and received appropriate sign-off for each business service
  • Mentored the client’s team and transferred knowledge

ConfigureTek’s Approach

  • Determine a source for business service information
  • Deploy our proprietary service mapping lifecycle
  • Request informational questionnaires be filled out by business service SMEs
  • Assign entry points for each business service and troubleshoot discovery issues
  • Request sign-off from business service SMEs once map is complete
  • Setup timelines within ServiceNow to acquire sign-off at specific intervals automatically
  • Provide mentoring and training

Business Result

  • Avoided costly fines from failing audits
  • Built out trusted source for business service to infrastructure relationships which fed many groups and internal processes with necessary information needed to run them effectively
  • Leveraging data to help improve change rating accuracy and reduce outages due to improperly classified change records

Contact the ConfigureTek experts to better understand how we can leverage our experience and knowledge to help you improve your change management process in multiple environments.