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Service Mapping Factory

ConfigureTek conducted the implementation and configuration of ServiceNow discovery and proprietary service mapping factory methodology to replace a manually maintained CMDB, for a large retail grocery/pharmacy chain in 10 weeks.

Auto Discovery based Policy, Audit & Compliance project

ConfigureTek is focused on helping customers achieve full benefit from the proper implementation of their CMDB, Discovery, Mapping, Service Management and Asset Management solutions. Our methodologies/best practices are developed so that our customers achieve maximum business value in the shortest time frames across these critical IT functions. We have worked with hundreds of companies over the past 5 years and our abilities to work with solutions from multiple software vendors (ServiceNow, HPE, VMware, etc.) makes us unique in our ability to deliver on customer expectations.

Service Mapping Factory for a Diversified Banking Company

Service mapping within ServiceNow has helped the configuration management team of a large banking company bring audit visibility into what infrastructure is supporting which critical business services across multiple data centers and environments. The customer had a lack of visibility into what infrastructure was PCI/SOX viable due to the business services that they were supporting. The customer struggled to be able to provide a list to audit clearly showing which infrastructure was supporting which business services and whether those business services contained PCI or SOX data. The project tasks included:

Data Center Migration Project using Auto Discovery Technology

Recently, the ConfigureTek team worked with the IT Infrastructure Management team of a large retail company to support an analytics/planning project for a data center migration. The project included the following tasks: leverage a CMDB and discovery tool to (1) automatically discover and map out server dependencies, (2) create move groups based on discovery results and (3) generate various reports reflecting dependencies, server inventory, and critical configurations. ConfigureTek’s specialists successfully finished the project in 8 weeks.

Custom Integration for ServiceNow and HP OMi

Recently, the ConfigureTek team worked with the Enterprise Systems Management of a leading international family entertainment company. The project included two stages. During the first part ConfigureTek’s experts were tasked with a challenge to create a custom adapter to integrate HP BSM, OMi and ServiceNow CMDB. The second part required developing of the adapter for the next version of the CMDB. ConfigureTek’s specialists successfully finished the project in 8 weeks.

Software License Compliance – Asset Management Project

Recently, the ConfigureTek team worked with the Software Configuration Management team of the large insurance company. The customer was looking to gain a better understanding of the assets in their environment, including both hardware and software assets. The ConfigureTek team also installed and set up the Software License Optimization Best Practice package, which includes several thousand out-of-the-box software counters, of which they were tasked initially to activate 10 counters of their choosing, while training the client’s personnel to configure others. ConfigureTek also installed and created several integrations to the Asset Manager database using the Connect-It integration tool. A few of the integrations included data pulled from their CA UAPM database, their Microsoft SCCM database, data from an SAP view and several customer generated spreadsheet/text files. Another integration was set up to Asset Manager from their HP UCMDB database using the “push” adapter feature of the UCMDB application. The project was successfully finished in six months.

Discovery and analytics for a Windows Server refresh

Recently, the ConfigureTek team worked with the IT Server Management team of a global financial services company. They were tasked with the challenge of planning and analyzing the migration of Windows servers within an extremely short time period. ConfigureTek’s specialists successfully finished the project in 7 weeks. The project required automated discovery of the client’s Windows Server 2003 servers (including physical and virtual servers) and analysis for migration of the discovered servers to Windows Server 2012 or 2008 platforms, in one of the client’s largest data centers.

Auto Discovery, CMDB and Asset Management Project

Recently, ConfigureTek worked with the IT Software Support team of a large pharmaceutical company. ConfigureTek was tasked with the challenge of creating true heterogeneous visibility across the data center environment to support a large scale data center move. The customer was initially using SCCM to maintain an inventory of servers but lacked the visibility of server dependencies across different operating system flavors. The ConfigureTek team supported this requirement with industry-leading discovery and dependency mapping workflows. This included: deployment of HP uCMDB and Universal Discovery, identification of the network ranges for discovery across multiple enterprise datacenter’s and 50+ individual sites. The team leveraged the discovered data and tied it to business entities within the organization through application mapping. The value from application mapping allowed to run what-if scenarios, known as impact analysis and view application to application dependencies via TCP traffic. ConfigureTek worked to ensure sustainability of the overall solution by providing, the customer with detailed knowledge transfer sessions on efficient use of the software and a maintaining smooth work process.