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Project Description

Custom integration between UCMDB and ServiceNow Service Desk

Customer: One of the world’s largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production companies. The company’s asset portfolio encompasses production and exploration opportunities in premier US onshore, deepwater Gulf of Mexico and International locations.
Industry: Oil & Energy
Size: 1001-5000 employees
Task: Integration of UCMDB with ServiceNow Service Desk
Duration of the project: 10 weeks

Why the UCMDB?
A large petroleum company chose the implementation of the HP UCMDB solution for Configuration Management as opposed to the ServiceNow offering due to a number of reasons. They found that the UCMDB had more robust discovery capabilities particularly around virtual environments and legacy systems. Additionally, they needed clear visibility into dependencies and relationships among infrastructure, software, and business services, ability to track communication flows through complex environments, automatic risk assessment capabilities, and effective approval process based on a specific workflow.

Project Overview
Recently, the ConfigureTek team worked with IT Services team of a large Woodlands-based petroleum company tasked with the challenge of managing IT operations across the globe. The client had implemented the ServiceNow Service Desk and sought a solution for empowering it with auto-discovered application infrastructure and dependencies. ConfigureTek completed the project in 10 weeks. Working closely with the customer, the ConfigureTek team deployed the HP UCMDB and performed a custom integration between UCMDB and the ServiceNow Service Desk. The task included activating discovery across the IT environment, creating 10 application maps based on auto-discovered information, and implementing a live integration to push this data over to the service desk. ConfigureTek delivered a quick-start solution that was aligned to the client’s needs of flexibility and efficiency.

ConfigureTek’s Approach
With a great experience of the quick-start solutions’ implementation in the large organizations, ConfigureTek developed a custom adaptor and integration methodology that efficiently populates ServiceNow with the UCMDB data and created clear requirements for the transfer of data from one model to another once the integration tasks were resolved. The methodology in general includes these steps:

1. Evaluate the data model in UCMDB and ServiceNow.
2. Match CIs and Relationships to the business need.
3. Customize the integration using web services.
4. Build application models in UCMDB to match the business needs.
5. Ensure that these CIs and relationships are matching in ServiceNow Service Desk and providing the desired Impact information.
6. Provide further customization to meet this need.

• Robust discovery engine
• Relationship and application mapping
• Dynamic integration pushing CIs, relationships and attributes to ServiceNow Service Desk
• Proactive risk and change management
• Flexible approval workflow

Contact the ConfigureTek team to better understand how we can leverage our experience and knowledge around this powerful integration to support your IT Service Management initiatives.


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