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ConfigureTek Team

HRSD, GRC, SAM, HAM at Government Entity

A higher education Institute was looking to implement business process modernization across a wide range of functions across the university. This included HR Services, Audit and Risk Management, Asset Management and Inventory tracking as well as establishment of the organizational portfolio through service mapping. SMEs had identified significant inefficiencies and requirements around process optimization. This included needs for automation, task assignment and accountability, improved user experience and clear visibility for audit and reporting purposes.

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Fortune 500 SecOps SIR and VR Implementation

This large, distributed enterprise needed to get control over their security operations. They faced dire consequences for strict regulatory non-compliance, customer reputation, as well as a mountain of security threats. The customer had multiple security platforms with no single place to gather threat intelligence or see security events. When ConfigureTek arrived on-site, the customer had 12 million open security incidents, was missing 99% of security events, and facing severe compliance penalties.

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Rapid Application Mapping at a large bank

ConfigureTek was brough in by ServiceNow and the customer jointly to help with quickly meeting a compliance need within the financial sector. ConfigureTek working with ServiceNow immediately mobilized a team to perform automated discovery and mapping in a rapid format. Our approach helps companies quickly understand not only infrastructure but also applications and configurations across their enterprise. The use cases of this initial foundational project are plenty. The company was using ITSM and the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), but needed consultation on how to fully utilize the applications. The company also desired to utilize Discovery as part of the effort to shore up the CMDB and gain insight into their network configurations.

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ServiceNow Platform at a Large Medical Waste Management Organization

For a major waste management and compliance company, ConfigureTek was asked to provide prescriptive guidance on maximizing ServiceNow.  The company was using ITSM and the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), but needed consultation on how to fully utilize the applications. The company also desired to utilize Discovery as part of the effort to shore up the CMDB and gain insight into their network configurations.

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ServiceNow roll-out at large logistics & transportation company

For a major transportation and logistics company, ConfigureTek was asked to provide consultation for maturing ITSM, the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), and Discovery services. The company desired to migrate from their existing service management platform to ServiceNow and needed to understand the process and implications of doing so.  ITSM was implemented by another vendor, and a strategic plan and roadmap for the application was also a requirement.

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ServiceNow foundations roll out at Healthcare org

For a large Health Care system, ConfigureTek was asked to assess the ServiceNow CMDB configuration and governance model, as well as the Asset Management process, and provide a report of our Findings and Recommendations for improvement to better align ITAM functionality with business requirements.   

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Large Energy Provider ServiceNow CMDB Assessment Case Study

ConfigureTek conducted the assessment of ServiceNow’s CMDB for an electricity generation & distribution company with over 6k employees and $3.5 billion in annual revenue in 3 weeks.
The project resulted with a new level of insight into the way the customer uses ServiceNow’s CMDB, specifically ways to automate operations and management of the CMDB and improve data quality. ConfigureTek also delivered a roadmap the customer can follow to bring their CMDB back in line with best practices, as well as recommendations for future improvements.

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Global Bank Workflows & Process Automation

A global bank experienced significant delays, inefficiencies, and lack of control over the request and provisioning of cloud resources. The Bank had limited visibility into how cloud resources were being requested, and whether those requests aligned with corporate and configuration standards. This drove considerable challenges in controlling costs and avoiding disruptions across cloud environments. This organization needed to streamline the process around request and provisioning of cloud resources. To be successful, this streamlined approach had to factor in configuration standards for cloud environments, role-based access and approval chains, and tie-in to CMDB for cross-functional visibility.

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Major US Media Org risk & impact with ServiceNow cmdb

For a major media company, ConfigureTek was asked to provide consultation for various tasks. Primarily, the company had two ServiceNow production instances that had been consolidated to one instance. ConfigureTek was asked to provide expertise in maintaining the instance, along with the associated roadmap to realizing successful architecture, daily maintenance, and operationalization of the consolidated instance. 

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This is one of our many reference projects with large scale enterprise customers. In this security & compliance project, we mapped hundreds of large scale maps within a short time frame. In this particular project, we performed accelerated mapping and discovery as an instrumental and time critical element of a data center consolidation effort.


We have been involved with the largest security operations projects this year. We first established a strong foundation to allow the customer to actually consume the benefits of a security ops project. In this particular large scale project we established discovery, mapping and event to provide critical insight in understanding objective impact and resolving incidents quickly.


With strong expertise in IT business, financials, cloud and strategy, we work with several customers in helping them transform their business by implementing a strong foundational strategy. Helping the customer gain comprehensive understanding of their current state and map to their future state. Our large scale implementation included process workshops in addition to development expertise.


In this large scale project, we implemented ServiceNow’s event management module at a large US based insurance provider which included a migration of events and integration sources from CA’s SOI tool into ServiceNow’s event management solution. By combining the power of the platform, we were able to significantly reduce MTTR.


In this project, we worked with a large airline to help discovery and map the check in kiosks. This enabeld the airline to perform objective impact analysis on a proactive basis when required but also in a reactive basis when security or other kinds of incidents occurred. This data was combined with asset data to provide a comprehensive CMDB solution.​


Having completed hundreds of CMDB assessments, we have gained critical insight in establishing the absolute must have foundation to extract value out of ServiceNow implementations. We drive value by highlighting the need for basic impact analysis, inter dependency mapping and asset management.