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ServiceNow foundations roll out at Healthcare org

Project Description

Industry: Healthcare
Size: Large
Task: ServiceNow Platform Foundation

Project Overview
For a large Health Care system, ConfigureTek was asked to assess the ServiceNow CMDB configuration and governance model, as well as the Asset Management process, and provide a report of our Findings and Recommendations for improvement to better align ITAM functionality with business requirements.   

ConfigureTek’s Approach
ConfigureTek validated the High Priority Recommendations and implemented CMDB / CSDM governance initiates and alignments to improve the customer’s CMDB and asset-related data, CSDM alignment, as well as other key Asset Management process improvements. ConfigureTek also implemented ConfigureTek’s Stakeholder Engagement Engine (SEE), a proprietary product that enables each CI user group to have their own entry point and accessibility to other CIs that they manage and own. Lastly, ConfigureTek led knowledge transfer sessions to help the customer understand how the process improvements, implemented solutions and best practices recommendations would move the organization along their improvement Road Map.

The expected results were achieved and the project was delivered on-time and within budget.  The ConfigureTek Team successfully implemented eight (10) recommended High Priority Remediation initiatives in the areas of CMDB Health / Governance, Discovery, and Asset Management-related data quality.