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Case Studies

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Check out some of our work below or contact us to talk directly with one of our customers for a reference call. Our implementations span across ITSM, CMDB, CSDM, ITOM, SAM, HAM, GRC, HRSD and more.

Category: Financial

HRSD, GRC, SAM, HAM at Government Entity

A higher education Institute was looking to implement business process modernization across a wide range of functions across the university. This included HR Services, Audit and Risk Management, Asset Management and Inventory tracking as well as establishment of the organizational portfolio through service mapping. SMEs had identified significant inefficiencies and

Fortune 500 SecOps SIR and VR Implementation

This large, distributed enterprise needed to get control over their security operations. They faced dire consequences for strict regulatory non-compliance, customer reputation, as well as a mountain of security threats. The customer had multiple security platforms with no single place to gather threat intelligence or see security events. When ConfigureTek

Rapid Application Mapping at a large bank

ConfigureTek was brough in by ServiceNow and the customer jointly to help with quickly meeting a compliance need within the financial sector. ConfigureTek working with ServiceNow immediately mobilized a team to perform automated discovery and mapping in a rapid format. Our approach helps companies quickly understand not only infrastructure but

IT Service Management

Provide robust IT services and cultivate environments that enhance your teams’ productivity. Swiftly address challenges and accelerate innovation through the utilization of AI and machine learning, all within the convenience of a unified cloud platform.

Enhanced employee and customer experiences are crucial for a successful digital transformation. Yet, employing isolated IT tools during this transformation leads to the formation of information silos. This results in fragmented data, workflows, and significant resources being consumed in reactive problem-solving, ultimately leading to constrained resources and subpar employee experiences.

Talk directly with one of our customers so you can understand our quality of service and implementation expertise across the ServiceNow platform. We have you covered across CMDB, CSDM, ITOM, SAM, HAM, HRSD, GRC, SecOps or other areas within ServiceNow.
Hundreds of successful ServiceNow implementations across banking, retail, healthcare, financial, government, higher education, manufacturing and hospitality. Projects across US and Canada.